Assistant to the Lead Pastor

Job Duties:

Providing administrative support to the Lead Pastor, including but not limited to:

  • Receiving vision & breaking it down into tasks to execute
  • Detailed recording of notes & ongoing record keeping
  • Preparing Meeting Agendas & presentations
  • Scheduling appointments with members of the church & community
  • Managing email inboxes & calendars (Google)
  • Coordination & planning for special events
  • Supporting ongoing operational needs
  • Facilitate ongoing communication for shepherding of the congregation 
  • Prepare course materials for classes & seminars (syllabi, handouts, slides, workbooks, etc.)
  • Protect sermon writing time & sensitive meetings by filtering communication
  • Thinking & caring for the pastor on Sunday & throughout the week
    • Refraining from other areas of service on Sunday mornings in order to be nearby & available to Lead Pastor
  • Scheduling personal appointments & travel
  • Strategically bringing items to the pastor for approval/direction
    • Staff needs
    • Vacation Requests 
    • Sabbatical Requests
  • Maintain annual church calendar and anticipate upcoming tasks that need to be accomplished on behalf of the Lead Pastor
    • Monthly Restore time
    • Weekly staff meetings
    • Upcoming holidays & events
    • Elder Meetings
    • Deacon Meetings
    • The Field Institute classes
  • Manage the church phone (Google Voice, during business hours)
  • Desire to provide supplemental help to the Lead Pastor as needed


  • Competent use of GSuite to the fullest extent – administrative panel, Google Docs, Calendars, Forms, etc.
  • Experience with Planning Center (or willingness/ability to learn) 
  • Excellent Word Processing skills – writing, grammar, formatting, etc.
  • Ability to think through a project & consider all the various components required to make it successful 
  • Organized, competent, & efficient with administrative tasks 
  • Takes initiative
  • Follows through 
  • Able to exercise sound judgment & show discretion

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