Building Request

Building Request Form

Please submit this form no less than 30 days prior to your event. All building use requests are subject to approval and will be reviewed within a week of submission.

You are responsible for both any special setup and clean up of the space after your event. If you require additional furniture that belongs to the church or assistance in preparing the space, please include information in this form and communicate directly with Bo Whittemore about your request. If you do not have a key to the building, Bo Whittemore will coordinate access for you.

Clean up after your building use means leaving the space fully prepared for the next use/Sunday morning. This includes resetting the space/furniture to original locations, cleaning the floors (sweeping/mopping if food is involved), cleaning the bathrooms, emptying and cleaning coffee pots, etc., removing all trash from the building, making sure that the bathrooms are stocked & trash cans have liners, and turning off all electronics/lights. It is advised to appoint a cleaning team from within your ministry area for each building use.

View our pricing structure and other guidelines here.