Donovan White

Donovan White


I grew up in a small town called Hurley, Mississippi near the coast of Pascagoula. I grew up with a family that did not value church and lived according to the world. I grew up playing baseball and football my whole life and continued to play collegiate baseball at the University of Mobile. I thought I was saved my junior year of high school because I said a prayer and felt good afterward. However as I went to college, it was apparent that I wasn’t saved because of the lifestyle I led. Living in the sin of a collegiate athlete, I never felt convicted. It was a rough time of trying to fit in, trying to find my self fulfillment in girls, alcohol, and other sinful things that left me feeling empty. 

I met my wife, Hannah, in 2016 while in college and in the summer of 2018 after graduating college, we both went and worked in Orange Beach as beach attendants. During this time I was really selfish and had money saved up to fulfill my dreams and desires of traveling, having a nice car, etc. It wasn’t until we conceived our firstborn Eliza that summer, did I truly have a mindset change. I knew I had to grow up and take care of them both and stop being a child. God redeemed that sin to bring more glory to Himself. We got married that fall, and we moved back to her hometown with her family for the first 9 months of marriage and 5 months of parenthood. God was moving during that time as we  got plugged into The Field and I was being poured into through a discipleship relationship  for 6-8 months to truly understand the Gospel and what it  meant for my life. I gave my life to Christ throughout that time and have been eagerly wanting to know more, spread the gospel to countless others, and love people as Christ does. This journey has been nothing short of amazing and I thank God every single day for showing Himself to me. 

My Desire & Prayer for The Field Church

I want our church to never lose that genuine love for Christ, love for each other and for the lost world around us. I pray that we continue to go through the Bible and see God’s agenda for us and not our agenda that we want from God. We are here to glorify Him and make His name known. I pray that others see that and we continue to follow His will until we go home to Him.