Elizabeth Groff

Elizabeth Groff

Children's ministry director

I am a native of Louisiana growing up for the most part in and around Acadian. I grew up in a mixed, yet semi Christian household of a Southern Baptist mother and a Catholic father. I always attended a Private Christian School, so I knew about Christ and a little bit of how to live for him. It was not until my Senior year of high school that I realized something needed to change. I began to seek for what it would look like to live for God. It was not until a few years later when I was involved with a College Ministry that I truly decided to live for Him. For several years I was heavily involved and on leadership with a College Ministry on LSU’s campus, The Refuge. It was there that I began to learn what it looked like to live for Christ, what Christ did for me, and how to live out the gospel in my day to day life. Through this Ministry I had the opportunity to live in China for two summers in 2014 and 2015 – this was a defining time in my faith. In China I learned what it really looked like to live on mission!

Shortly after I returned home from China (the first year) my father left our family. This began a yearlong separation of my parents and then what became another year of growth. It was in this time where I really began to see God as my father, because my earthly father was sinful and would never fulfill my needs. It was a beautiful time of growth in my relationship with God, which led to a time of growth in my relationship with family members.

A time came during all this that I left that ministry and town and it became hard to find a true Bible believing community again. I searched and did not have a real church home or community for about two years until I moved here, to Mandeville. Moving here was such a divine and beautiful part of God’s plan for my life. I knew coming here that big things were going to happen, but I do not think I was really prepared to learn and grow the way I have here, and praise God for it.

Moving here, I found The Field Church and have fallen in love with the community and the thirst for Christ and the scriptures here. I also found my husband! Jonathan and I met in 2018 and began dating in 2019, we got engaged in May 2020 and were married on November 6, 2020. It has been so sweet to be in a relationship with Jonathan. I see God’s redemption, love, grace, forgiveness, peace, and joy in my relationship with him. My time here at The Field and the beginning of a God-centered relationship has been so sweet. It has given me such excitement for what God has for me, Jonathan, this church community, and this town.

My Desire & Prayer for The Field Church

My prayer for the church is to never lose that beautiful thirst for Christ that we have. To never lose sight of the end goal – life with Christ. I pray that we continue to encourage one another to live for God and His glory. We are here to glorify Him, so my prayer and desire is that we, as a church, would wake every day and seek His face and His Kingdom and His riches all of our days!