10/30/2021 - 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Join us for our annual Trunk-or-Treat event on October 30th!
Bring the kids to visit themed trunks and collect candy in our parking lot, take a taste of some chili & gumbo, paint a pumpkin & get their face painted!

Costumes are encouraged, but please refrain from choosing costumes that young children may find scary! 
This is a FREE event, and registration is NOT required unless you plan to participate by:

  • Decorating your trunk & Distributing candy (Trunk-or-Treat)
  • Competing in the Chili Cook-Off
  • Competing in the Gumbo Cook-Off

Event policies:

  1. Please arrive no later than 4:30pm to park and begin setting up your trunk.
  2. Numbered parking spaces will be assigned prior to the event.
  3. Enter the parking lot from West Causeway Approach (main entrance to the shopping center), and take an immediate right into the section in front of TFC. You will be directed to your assigned parking space.
  4. “Trunks” will provide their own candy to distribute. Please prepare for at least 100 children to visit your trunk.
  5. “Trunks” have the option of preparing individual bags of candy or distributing individual pieces of candy, however, open bowls of candy will not be permitted. The trunk owner must distribute the candy rather than guests putting their hands into the bowl.
  6. If you will distribute individual pieces of candy, please place the candy in a location that it is not easily accessible to children.
  7. If you prepare individual bags of candy, they may be staged for guests to take for themselves.
  8. Please refrain from distributing candy until Trunk-or-Treat is kicked off (around 5:15pm).
  9. Masks will not be required as the event will be held outdoors. However, use your best judgment about whether or not to wear a mask while distributing candy. Our recommendation is that you wear a mask if you will distribute candy directly to guests, but not necessarily if you have prepared individual bags for them to take.

Chili & Gumbo Cook-Off:

  1. Competitors should arrive by 4:45 to setup their chili or gumbo pot.
  2. Tables & access to a power strip will be provided (if needed).
  3. Cups & spoons for taste testing will be provided.
  4. Please bring a utensil for distributing samples.
  5. Competitors will serve their chili or gumbo – guests will not be permitted to serve themselves.
  6. Competitors must wear gloves and a face mask while distributing samples.