Family Worship Album

TFC Family, we are so excited to release to you the demo versions of 10 brand new songs for Family Worship!
It is our prayer that these songs would be a resource leading to the children and families of The Field being rooted in the beautiful, life-giving truth of Scripture, and storing up God’s Word in their hearts for life. As you access these songs and begin to make use of them, we want you to remember 3 things.
1. The purpose of releasing these songs as demos is so you can begin LEARNING them! Watch or listen to these regularly with your family—do so as you go through your morning routine, listen as you make your daily commute, and incorporate into your nightly family devotions! We pray that you’ll use these as tools for hiding the Word of God and His truth in your hearts as a family. You can access these videos on YouTube, at, or find the audio on Soundcloud.
2. These demo versions precede what we plan to release later—professionally recorded versions of each song—to use and cherish for years to come in the life of our church, and beyond! We are praying for the funds to accomplish this and we pray our church family will come to the support of this project and give—not to replace your tithe—but as a special gift for a special project. PLEASE PRAY ABOUT GIVING to help us reach the $10,000 goal. Visit and select the “Gospel Folk – Family Worship Album”
3. And finally, please MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Friday November 20th, the night of our Family Worship Album LIVE RECORDING! We would love for you and your family to join us for a special night of worship, where we will get professional videos of the family of The Field singing these songs together—a night sure to be remembered and cherished in the life of The Field.
Imagine, a church in which each family cherishes God’s Word together, where each father and mother shepherds their children, and diligently takes it upon themselves to teach them in the way of the Lord and His Word! Imagine a church where family discipleship is the model and each ministry within it seeks to equip and support. We believe so much in the local church equipping people to do the work of the ministry, and this project is a fruit of that!
From the theme of Deuteronomy 6, we are humbled and pleased to present, for the good of our families and the Kingdom of God, “Teach Them.”

Individual Videos

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