Study GrOups Growing in knowledge and community!

The purpose of Study Groups is to give the people of The Field Church opportunities to study a topic and/or specific scriptures within the community of believers.

Study Groups will be small groups of 2-5 people that sign up for specific studies which can be found on our Study Group page. New Study groups will begin each month and registration will be closed once the study begins. You can find upcoming studies and sign up below!

Study Groups

PAC Bible Study (Women only, OPEN)

This group is for ladies who are members of Pelican Athletic Club. Join Amy Templet on Tuesdays at 10 am starting on June 7 in the Pelican Athletic Club Cafe. The study will cover TFC’s 2 weeks for 2 years bible reading plan for the month of June which will include the books 2 John, 3 John, & Jude. After you fitting in that workout, let’s study the Word of God together!

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Conversation Peace (Women only, CLOSED)

This will be a seven week study about the tongue and what the Bible has to say about the power of our words. We will go over how our words can bring life or death into someone’s life. We will learn how we can glorify God with our conversations and how we can redirect conversations when they start leading towards gossip. Our hope is that this study will not only be a time of growth but also a time of fellowship with sisters in Christ.

Join Madison Skeete and Madison Hahn on Tuesdays at 6 pm beginning on May 10. This study will last 7 weeks and meet at The Field Church. Sign up below!

You can purchase the study material for this group by clicking here.

A Deep Dive into the Kingdom of Joy (Men only, OPEN)

Join Josh Miller at The Field Church on Friday mornings at 7am to study the Sermon on the Mount. This study group will begin on January 28th and last 4 months. Participants are encouraged to bring their Bibles and a notebook. Sign up below!

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