Tanner Stockton


Worship & Production

I grew up in a smaller town outside of Baton Rouge and went to church almost every Sunday. What I didn’t know is that my church attendance would not save me. This became very obvious to me when I was sitting very vulnerably, listening to a pastor speak about sin and what it meant for our eternity. The Spirit had opened my eyes to see my sinfulness but He did not leave the message there. Jesus Christ died for my sins and was ready to receive me with open arms if I humbled myself and trusted Him. That night I decided to follow Jesus, and he freed me from the chains of sin and death to live a life that glorified Him. I began a discipleship a few years later that would help solidify what the Lord was leading me to do in life, and just a few years after I began to lead worship. God has made us to sing a song, and that song should be filled with praise for His name! Knowing that, it is my passion to help others loose the power of darkness over their life and follow Jesus, singing joyfully as they walk toward eternity. 

My Desire & Prayer for The Field Church

My prayer for The Field Church is that we will be an instrument in the Lord’s hand to see sinners become disciple makers who show the world where true treasure is found. I want us to be a people who will passionately sing and live the gospel to be bright light in a dark world.