Taylor Gilliam


Worship, Creatives, Communications

I’m from a small town called Russellville, KY, born to parents who were sure to point me to the Lord at an early age. I gave my life to Christ through the ministry of my father when I was five years old. Shortly after that moment, things started shaking up; my parents divorced, and it seemed like everyone in my family was walking away from God. My faith, though very young and fragile, grew and grew. In spite of Satan’s war on my family, The Lord was fighting for us.

I grew up in and out of churches with no consistency of community or Christian guidance. Nevertheless, it was like God was pursuing me; and He was.

Around the time I started high school, God began revealing Himself to me through His word. Some older friends from a church camp taught me about spending time in God’s word as the way to know God and find Truth, so I began trying it out for myself. I’d always loved God and loved especially listening to worship songs and singing along, but this was the real game-changer: I got into God’s word and He started changing me.

I made it my aim to know God and follow Him, so I began reading every day and filled up journal after journal in daily prayers and thoughts about what God was teaching me.

Though I gave my life to Christ as a young kid, my journey has involved a ton of wandering in pursuit of my own way. I identified very much with the struggle for which Paul laments, “I do the very thing I hate,” (Romans 7:15). I began dabbling in sin and pride which became heavy secrets I forced myself to carry. Though I appeared holy on the outside, there was a battle waging on the inside. I wrestled with pride, self-loathing, and shame. Still, God held my heart.

I remember seeing in the Bible, “better is one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere,” (Psalm 84:10). And that truth resonated so much with me. I resolved that this world has nothing for me. Instead I wanted nothing more than to be in His presence and serve Him with however many breaths God grants me in this one life I get.

I went to school at the University of Kentucky and while in Lexington, began attending a church where a couple pastors took me in and mentored me so well. They, Sam and Chad, taught me a great deal about being a leader, being a man of character, and about treasuring Jesus.

God has always known just how to grab my heart, and, in many instances, He’s done that through music. He’s given me the desire to sing and praise Him all my days. And I love to lead God’s people to do that as well.

My heart is so full of love and gratitude to God for His presence and grace in my life, on display in so many ways, including His gift of my precious wife, Lindsay, and our two girls, Eleanora and Maya Ruth. 

My Desire & Prayer for The Field Church

My prayer is that we’d each live our lives in the presence of God and in the power of the Holy Spirit, experiencing true freedom and deep, lasting joy as we love the Lord and make Him known among our neighbors and all over the world.