The Change Up


The Change Up is a podcast out of The Field hosted by Josh Miller and Pastor Chad Wiles. The podcast is for those who aim to be purpose driven in all areas of their life, but when it comes to their faith are secretly struggling. They have attempted to search the bible and come to find it irrelevant; a useless tool full of fictional stories. They very much want an authentic faith as a part of their life but can’t seem to reconcile all of the fake leadership and fit it into their world view. They have experimented with many forms of self help and personal development but deep down they know their personal goals will still leave them feeling empty. They desperately long to have some confidence in a God that will finally give them peace of mind.

On this weekly show we will help the listener that is searching for answers realize that ultimately they are searching for something that only God can provide. Your hosts are Pastor and Biblical counselor Chad Wiles and Christian Entrepreneur Josh Miller. Together they will tackle popular cultural subjects by deconstructing them and viewing them though a Gospel Centered World View. Ultimately they will show that there is no divide between the secular and the sacred. If you are tired of spirituality without substance then tune in.

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