Sunday Mornings @ 8:45am & 10:45AM

Babies - 6th Grade

Welcome to our Children's Ministry

We want to genuinely welcome you to The Field Church Children’s Ministry! We look forward to serving your children, your family, and you as an individual! We are excited about partnering with you, the parent, as we love and invest in your child/children! We believe that every child is created in the image of God and is rejoiced over by God, and we have the incredible privilege of guiding their hearts and pointing them to Jesus! Just as we seek to treasure Jesus, the Bible tells us that we, God’s children, are HIS treasure! And we seek to care for and guide every child with the value they have already been given by God.

We have named our Children’s Ministry “Treasure Island!” on purpose and for two reasons!
First, we believe with all of our hearts, and your kids will come home saying, “Jesus Is The Treasure!” This is directly related to our church’s mission statement, “Helping People Joyfully Make Jesus Christ Their Treasure!” All of this comes from Matthew 13:44, showing that when we see Jesus, we see that He is more valuable than anything in the world or out of this world! Jesus is the Treasure! Therefore, we aim to help children see, find, enjoy, savor, and share Jesus as the greatest Treasure! And to love Him with all of their hearts.
Second, the Bible tells us that God’s people are His treasured possession! And our children are the tiny treasures that God has entrusted to us, as parents! Therefore, just like any gift God gives to us, we are called to steward these tiny treasures. Love them. Invest in them. Guide them. Equip them. Therefore, our children’s ministry is a place full of tiny treasures (the kids!) that we get the privilege of rejoicing over and steward.
Practically, The Field Church Children’s Ministry seeks to glorify God by caring for children, facilitating growth in a child’s life, and doing so in a loving and safe environment. We want them to develop spiritually through the gospel, grow emotionally, grow cognitively, and grow socially. We offer teaching experiences that are all founded on the principles of God’s Word.

There is no substitute for a child observing his parents during worship, and we value modeling authentic worship for our children. Our kindergarteners remain with their family for the initial worship portion of our service and then transition to Treasure Island for a time of teaching. Our elementary age children join with their parents for the duration of the worship service each Sunday.  Our elementary age children also gather for age specific teaching and fellowship each month.

Although our children are small, raising them is no small task! What an opportunity we have! And we know that we can’t do it without the help of God. Therefore, we want you to know that we are praying for you and we are here for you.

Tuesday & Wednesday Evenings
6:15pm - 8:15pm/8:30pm

Babies - 5th Grade

Treasure Hunt (Kids Community Group)

Sunday morning is one piece of the “pie” of The Field Church!  Joining a Community Group allows us to connect to “a smaller family within the family!”  They are designed for the purpose of Connecting, Growing, and Enjoying!  And this goes for the kids too!

Tuesday & Wednesday Night Treasure Hunt (Kid’s Community Group) is designed for children to connect with friends, grow in their relationship with God and enjoy their community of friends. They will spend time digging deeper, from the lesson they heard on Sunday, learning practical ways to apply what they are learning.  And they will also enjoy fun activities, with their friends! 

We have named this extension of our Children’s Ministry, “Treasure Hunt” for two reasons: 

First, in addition to Sunday morning, this is another time we get to facilitate our children “digging” for the Treasure, Jesus!  Our main digging ground is God’s Word! 

Second, this is a fun time for our “tiny treasures” (our kids) to go on a hunt, together!  These treasures are hunting! 

Treasure Hunt meets on Tuesday & Wednesday nights at 6:30pm, at 1200 W Causeway Approach STE 29 where we meet for Treasure Island on Sundays. We encourage parents to drop your kids off at 6:15pm and attend one of our adult Community Groups meeting nearby. Our adult community groups end promptly at 8pm to allow you to come and pick up your child/children between 8:15-8:30pm.