Children’s Ministry Director Application

Children's Ministry Director Job Application

The MISSION of The Field Church Children’s Ministry:

“Partnering with parents to help children joyfully make Jesus Christ their treasure!”

This statement governs all that we do – from the curriculum we teach, to the family discipleship support that we offer, down to the games that we play. 

We are dedicated to helping every child and parent become rooted in the gospel, desiring that Jesus would become supremely valuable to them, for the glory of God. 

We pray that parents and children grow to love Jesus, serve Jesus, and share Jesus.  

The VISION of The Field Church Children’s Ministry:

“A vibrant ministry where families are joyfully treasuring Jesus, genuinely loving each other, actively reaching the people in their “world” and around the world, and being passionately equipped to do the work of the ministry.” 

The STRATEGY of The Field Church Children’s Ministry:

Following the basic STRATEGY of our church helps us to attain the above Vision and accomplish the above Mission.  This strategy is simply made up of the four basic elements of our vision statement.  These are the items we focus on in everything we do:

Joyfully Treasuring (Jesus)

Genuinely Loving (Each Other)

Actively Reaching (People In Our “Worlds” and Around The World)

Passionately Equipping (The Saints For The Work Of The Ministry)  


  • Matthew 13:44
  • Matthew 22:36-40
  • Matthew 28:16-20
  • Ephesians 4:11-16

Job Description

The TFC Children’s Ministry Director will seek to accomplish the mission, vision, & strategy through primarily:

  1. Actively building relationships with children and parents/guardians
  2. Overseeing the teaching of biblical truth from God’s Word to children
  3. Facilitating family discipleship 
  4. Cultivating an attractive, loving, and safe environment 
  5. Building volunteer teams & equipping them to carry out children’s ministry
  6. Thinking for the future growth & development of The Field Church and its Children’s Ministry.

The following is a list of ongoing ministry duties for this position:

  1. Actively building relationships with children and parents/guardian
      • Welcoming new families & assimilating them into the ministry
      • Consistent communication with families 
      • Carrying out member care
  2. Overseeing the teaching of biblical truth from God’s Word to children
      • Plan for the utilization of The Gospel Project curriculum for Treasure Island
      • Coordinate with Lead Teachers to determine the scope and sequence TGP lessons, worship, supplies, etc.
      • Develop curriculum & activities for Treasure Hunt, VBS, & other events outside of Sunday morning
  3. Facilitating family discipleship
      • Develop & support in-home family discipleship, in coordination with Student Ministry & our Growth Discipleship ministry
      • Plan for milestones in family life (child dedication, family worship services, etc)
  4. Cultivating a loving, safe and attractive environment.
      • Manage churchwide MinistrySafe training & background checks
      • Care for the children’s ministry facility, furniture, and assets
      • Maintain necessary supplies (arts & crafts materials, cleaning supplies, technology, etc.)
      • Utilize Planning Center & safe Check-in / Check-Out procedures
  5. Building volunteer teams & equipping them to carry out children’s ministry
      • Recruit, train, schedule & care for volunteers 
      • Facilitate volunteers and/or paid workers for events/meetings outside of Sunday mornings 
      • Facilitate regular meetings & ongoing investment in deacons
  6. Thinking for the future growth & development of The Field Church and its Children’s Ministry
    • Other ministerial duties as they arise

Job Requirements

  • Minimum 5 years vocational ministry experience preferred
  • Minimum education: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Sound doctrine, systematic and biblical theology
  • Ability to work in Google Drive & word processing software
  • Takes initiative & demonstrates intentionality
  • Displays attitude of ownership over ministry area 
  • Creative problem solving
  • Attentive to detail
  • Prioritize personal spiritual health & growth 
  • Consistently uphold biblical morality
  • Display personal & professional integrity
  • Willingly follow biblical leadership & submit to authority

Safety Application Form for Volunteers and Employees

This application must be completed by all applicants for any position at The Field Church (volunteer or staff) involving the supervision of children or students. This is not an employment application. The purpose of this form is to assist in the creation of a safe environment for children or students who participate in the programs of The Field Church or use The Field Church facilities.

Employment Application - The Field Church Children's Ministry Director

This application should be completed by applicants for the position of Children’s Ministry Director at The Field Church. Please include a current resume. Your application will not be considered complete until you have completed a Background Check via Ministry Safe, which will be emailed to you upon completion of this form. Given the length of this application, we provided a PDF of the Personal Questions here if you would like extra time to prepare the answers.