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Discipleship is a great way for you to grow in your faith! Request discipleship by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. Click the links below for our continually-growing list of resources for discipleship and counseling for common struggles.


We want to provide you with resources that you can trust. Please click the links below to locate resources that we recommend.

Bible Study, Discipleship, and Evangelism

Looking for resources to aid in your study and understanding of God’s Word? These resources will help in your personal or group Bible study.

If you’re looking for resources for discipling a friend or family member, click here. You’ll find resources to aid you in discipling your children, wife, and other family members as well as resources for sharing the Gospel with others.

Counseling for Common Struggles

If someone you know is struggling with burdens in their life, check out these resources to help them find relief in God’s Word. If the problem has become a serious or severe burden in their life, we recommend that you refer them to The Nehemiah Project.

Sign up for discipleship

If you would like to request discipleship, please fill out the form below.

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