Emma Biggins

Emma Biggins

Ministry for people with special needs director

Hi, I’m Emma Biggins, I was born and raised in Park Ridge, IL which is a suburb right outside of Chicago. I was raised Roman Catholic and attended CCD and Catholic Church growing up. At the age of 4 my mom passed away and my dad knew she would have wanted us to continue in the Catholic faith. 

At 11 years old, Pastor Sam Cirrincione (my brother) shared the gospel with me and that was when I decided to give my life to the Lord and was saved. I knew I wanted to know more about God and the Bible than the church I was going to could ever teach me so we found South Park Church when I was in middle school. It was there that I was highly involved in the youth group and was blessed with some great leaders who helped me stay near to the Lord and grow in my relationship with Him. I was also able to learn and grow when going to summer camp with Center Point Church. It was not long before I became a leader for middle schoolers and high schoolers at South Park Church and discovered my call to ministry. 

At 17 years old I decided to be baptized and publicly proclaim my faith in the Lord as a Christian in front of the church community as a step of obedience. After graduating from Maine South High School I decided to go to Eastern Kentucky University where I was studying Special education, which has been my passion since 4th grade. At EKU the Lord truly worked on me and my heart for him and I was stretched and challenged in many ways. I have felt the Lord calling me to be in ministry for quite some time although I believe I always felt I needed to ignore that in my own selfishness and disobedience in order to pursue the mainstream lifestyle and have fun that would never fulfill me. 

Then, towards the end of my first year at EKU, the youth director at SPC whom I was led by and have been close to for years called me to ask if I would consider working at SPC over the summer, to which I said yes because I felt it was the Lord making it abundantly clear I was being called to ministry. Over the summer I spent some time praying on whether I was to go back to EKU or not and I truly felt it was His plan for me to stay and work there. I worked there until January 2020, was laid off, then continued working my other part time job I had for years as an inclusion companion. COVID came in March and I wasn’t really able to do much so I spent a lot of time praying about what God wanted from me in that season and what I could be doing. I truly felt the Lord used that time to consistently remind me there is nothing I can do to earn his love, I am to trust in Him and His promises, and things will work for my good as long as I love Him and live according to His purpose. 

In May of 2020, after falling asleep praying about what could be next and what the Lord wants me to do as far as working goes, I woke up to a text that I may receive an email with a job offer within the next hour with an offer from Cornerstone Church to be their Administrator. I then spoke with the Executive Pastor and felt it was a great fit and an amazing opportunity to continue being in ministry and learning how different churches work.

Finally in the summer of 2020, Sam and Kasey came to visit and shared with me that Kasey was pregnant with Gianna and offered the opportunity of me coming to live with them to help with the kiddos and possibly be on staff at The Field! After months of praying and considering this and Sam sharing the opportunity of me coming on staff as The Director of Ministry for People with Special Needs I felt that the Lord was providing this opportunity as an answer to so many prayers. Moving here and being on staff here is what I believe to be the next step of obedience and what would ultimately lead me to growing deeper in my faith and pursuing my life long calling of sharing the gospel to and serving alongside people with special needs.

My Desire & Prayer for The Field Church

My desire is that The Field Church would be known as an entirely inclusive and neurodiverse community that is adaptable and welcoming to God’s people who have special needs. 

My prayer is that we are consistent and patient when it comes to sharing the gospel to people with special needs. I pray that families who have children with special needs feel they can bring their children to church and learn to share the gospel in a way that their child learns best, is intentional and is Christ centered.