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Sunday School, Session 2 of Spring

Date & Time:

April 16, 2023 @ 8:30 am – May 21, 2023 @ 8:30 am



The Field Church


Bo Whittemore
The Spring Semester of Sunday School, Session 2, begins April 16. You can register for the second session of the Spring semester on the form below. Here is a list of the classes being offered for Session 2 (more details will be posted soon):
Evidences of True Salvation: A Study of I John with Mike Linstead

This course will walk you through the book of I John with the goal of knowing and understanding the objective evidences of true, saving faith in the believer.

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Faith with Josh Miller

The freedom to grow in godliness is largely dependent on a deliberate cultivation of the spiritual disciplines which are the means to unparalleled spiritual liberty. So, if you’d like to embark on a lifelong quest for godliness, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life will help you on your way.

Required text: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney (click here to purchase)

Optional: Spiritual Disciplines study guidebook. (For a more in-depth study on your own, click here to purchase)

Introduction to Biblical Counseling with Chad Wiles

Biblical counseling is the personal discipleship ministry of God’s people to others under the oversight of God’s church, dependent upon the authority and sufficiency of God’s Word through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Every Christian is called to the work of Evangelism and discipleship, which means every Christian is a counselor! As we deal with people on an interpersonal basis we will encounter their problems, issues, and concerns. Biblical counseling that transforms lives comes through a church that is organized and functioning around the work of biblical discipleship and caring for people through God’s Word. This is the work of biblical counseling.

This course is designed to help you develop the tools to help others reorient disordered desires, affections, thoughts, and behaviors toward true worship that glorifies God in an effort to restore people to a right fellowship with God and others.

Required text: How People Change by Paul David Tripp (click here to purchase)

Membership Class with Bo Whittemore

What does the Bible say about church and church membership? If you are considering becoming a member of TFC, this course is for you, and it is a requirement for membership. In Membership Class, we’ll take a look at the beliefs and doctrines taught at TFC as well as what it looks like to be a member of a local body of believers, specifically at The Field Church. ATTENDANCE TO ALL CLASSES IS MANDATORY.

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