Global Missions

Global Missions

It is evident throughout scripture that God desires to make His name known. The very reason we were created was to worship God. In living our lives in worship to God, we bring Him glory and He is magnified. As followers of Christ, our lives are to be spent making God’s name known in all places, among all people (Psalm 67:4-5). The Great Commission, to make disciples of all nations, is central to everything that we do. We desire to be used by God in building His church among people from every nation, tribe, and tongue, resulting in the worship of His name.

Current Partnerships

We joyfully partner with Radius International,  a missionary finishing school for those who are ready to enter the mission field long term. Learn more about Radius International by visiting this link

In 2018, The Field Church began a partnership with Oikos Church, a church plant in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

We believe God has called our church to come alongside Oikos Church to be a support in both strengthening & maintaining a healthy church, as well as to be an aid in reaching people in Argentina with the Gospel.  We are able to do this by regularly praying for Oikos Church as well as sending people from The Field Church on short-term, mid-term, and long-term trips.  Our partnership represents a greater picture of God’s people- the global church. 

As brothers and sisters and in Christ, both churches are able to encourage and challenge one another as we seek to glorify God and reach those around us with the Gospel.
Pictured below on the left is the Tuckers, the IMB missionary family we partner with. On the right is Oikos Church pictured with a team from The Field Church that went to love on and equip the people of Oikos.