Growth Pathways


Community GrOups The Lifeblood of TFC!

Leader: Chad Wiles


The purpose of Community Groups (CG) is to help the people of The Field Church to pursue biblical community and friendship by practicing the “One-Anothers” of Scripture as they share the gospel together. 


Community Groups meet year-round on a 2 months on / 1 month off rhythm (August-September, November-December, February-March, May-June). Within the 2-month “on” period, groups share life together through weekly gatherings in the homes of church members, and practicing the One-Anothers. Groups will meet on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00pm. CGs can plan their own times for doing life together outside of just “on” months.

Treasure Hunt will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 6:15-8:15pm for the first 3 weeks of each month that Community Groups meet (a total of 6 weeks/12 sessions each CG cycle). No Treasure Hunt will take place on the last week of each month of CG, and CGs are encouraged to gather with their children for family discipleship and fellowship.

New sign-ups for Community Groups, applications for CG Leaders, and the formation of new groups will occur during the “off” months (October, January, April, July). If you are interested in signing up for a Community Group, you can fill out the form below! 

All new participants in a CG, as well as newly formed groups, will attend GroupConnect – a 4-week workshop to learn about and encourage true, biblical community. All members of a new group will attend together with their leaders. GroupConnect will be held during the first 4 weeks of each CG cycle on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00pm. For more information, please see the GroupConnect info sheet, or the Growth Pathways page of our website. 

Growth Discipleship learning to walk with christ!

Leaders: Chad & Marie Wiles 


To help the disciple live out the spiritual disciplines personally, grow deeper in their love for God, and grow in their love for the lost around them. Additionally, Growth Discipleship trains and teaches disciples to organically build relationships with the lost in their world and to share the gospel regularly and effectively. 


Growth Discipleship functions more organically, but will have structured times of training. There will be regular Multiplication Seminars (co-ed, emphasis on learning to share your faith effectively/lifestyle evangelism) and Discipleship Training (men’s and women’s, walking through a Bible study/discipleship tool). Growth Discipleship also encompasses discipleship coordination, facilitating Bible studies and creating new material for Christian growth, support of “disciplers,” and opportunities for observation.

The Field Institute Biblical literacy at TFC!

Leaders: Sam & Kasey Cirrincione


To develop and deepen disciples in biblical literacy, theological frameworks, and God’s redemptive story in order to help them see and know God more fully and walk with Him more closely. 


The Field Institute will offer 8-week courses in the fall (September-October) and spring (March-April). Classes will be co-ed. 

Classes currently being offered will be Systematic Theology and Biblical Counseling, both beginning on March 2, 2020 and ending April 20, 2020. The cost for the classes will be $100, which will cover the cost of course materials. Childcare is available at no extra cost but only 10 spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. Your enrollment is not complete until you have paid for your materials.  Payment  should be submitted through PushPay, by selecting “The Field Institute” from the dropdown menu. 


 Systematic Theology

Biblical study of topics such as the Attributes of God, the Trinity, and the Resurrection. Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology textbook and Christian Beliefs will be utilized.

Biblical Counseling

Seminary-level instruction on the theology, principles, and practice of Biblical Counseling. Those interested in serving as lay counselors at The Field Church must complete this course.

Bible Survey

An overview of all 66 books of the Bible, with a focus on how the book fits into  all of redemptive history. Topics will include the thesis verses and themes of each book.

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Leaders: Chad Wiles


To facilitate healing, belief, repentance, and freedom through the Word of God. In addition, to train and equip those who desire to participate in the counseling of others. 


Those who need or desire counseling should complete the Counseling Request Form below. Lauren Nunn will facilitate connecting you with a trained counselor.  Individual and Marriage Counseling are free for all covenant members of The Field Church.

Those interested in serving as lay counselors through the Biblical Counseling Ministry should complete the “Biblical Counselor” form below, and attend the Biblical Counseling course through The Field Institute. 

Counseling request form

interested in serving as a BIBLICAL COUNSELor?


Leader: Elizabeth Huff 


To provide special opportunities for women to enjoy the benefits of biblical friendship as they enjoy life together. 


There will be both organic and church-sponsored events throughout the calendar year purely for the purpose of fun and fellowship together. 


Leader: Josh Miller 


To provide special opportunities for men to enjoy the benefits of biblical friendship as they enjoy life together. 


There will be both organic and church-sponsored events throughout the calendar year purely for the purpose of fun and fellowship together.