Kirstie King

Children's Ministry Director

After moving around a lot with my parents, I ended up in town called Evanston, Wyoming until I was 9 years old. During that time, I lived in very broken home with abusive parents; a special needs brother, and no hope. As a kid all I wanted was approval and acceptance from my family. I thought if I could make them proud of me by the things I achieved, I would be loved.

At age 9, my mother, brother, and I moved to a little country town called Winchester, Ohio. Through a lot of unfortunate events at age 12 I moved in with my grandparents. My grandparents’ household looked a lot different from the life I had been living. They loved God and they loved others. They found their value and identity in Christ.

When I was a teenager, I went to a little church camp called Nipgen. I spent a whole week there hearing about God. One night, during the worship service, the speaker talked about God’s love for us. How He sacrificed His son, so that we could be free from our sins. I learned that night that I was sinner and the only way to be free from my sin that consumed me was to believe that Jesus Christ was Lord and confess it. So that night, in a crowded room, I walked up to the altar; I gave my life over to Christ. I finally found my hope, my purpose.

Through the years God has continued to chisel away the things that hold me from really living freely in Him. He called me to serve on a Native American Reservation during high school and college to learn about His compassion toward us, and that He loves us despite us. The summer of 2013, God called me to moved to Kabul, Afghanistan to teach kindergarten for a year and a half. During that time, I learned many lessons, but the one I am continuously reminded of is that Jesus truly is my greatest possession.

In January of 2015, I moved back from Afghanistan and ended up in Lexington, KY. That’s where I met my Pastors, Sam and Chad, and the Lord used them to show me even more about His character and my identity in Him; that I have been set free and I no longer have to live as a slave to my past (Galatians 5:1). While I was there, the Lord was preparing my heart to take my next step in trusting Him! In June of 2016, I left moved to Mandeville, LA to serve at The Field Church.

I am now working for The Field Church as the Children’s Director. I am so thankful the Lord is using me to teach children that Jesus is the greatest treasure! 

My Desire & Prayer for The Field Church

My prayer for The Field Church is that we will always be a church that glorifies Christ by joyfully loving God, genuinely loving others, and equipping others to do the same. I pray we would be a direct reflection of Christ and His love for all.