Oh, That You Would Magnify The Lord
February 17, 2019

Oh, That You Would Magnify The Lord

The Focus:
God Is Worthy Of Praise
God does amazing work through the Gospel (v. 45-49)
God fulfills His words and promises (v. 45-49)
God initiates undeserved activity in our lives (v. 45-49)
God has great character and renown (v. 49-53)
God has been faithful in the past (v. 54-55)
God will be faithful in the future (v. 48, 54-55)

The Faith:
Faith Is Warranted
Mary believes God’s words and promises (v. 45)
Mary recognizes God’s great work in my life (v. 48-49)
Mary reflects on God’s universal activity and character (v. 48-55)
Mary identifies Gods faithfulness towards others (v. 55)

The Fruit:
Praise Is A Fitting Expression
Praise involves Magnifying (v. 46)
Praise involves Rejoicing! (v. 45, 47)

God’s Holiness -> God’s Glory -> Our Worship