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First Steps Toward Regathering

Church Family, we want to share an update about NEXT STEPS TOWARD REGATHERING.

Please view this video to hear from Pastor Sam on behalf of the heart of the Elder Team as he presents the next steps.

As we think about how to intentionally regather the church after a prolonged season apart due to a pandemic, and intentionally think about purpose of gathering around the preached Word of God and the edification of the church body as it participates in worship together, we don’t want to make a decision hastily, but one full of wisdom, motivated by love for each other, and guided by the Lord.

We also need to consider practical factors such as facility size, technology, and safety. So we have considered what would be most effective and helpful for you, the people we love, to gather together in worship once again.

We believe the right next step for us is a simple “First Step”:

Online Services Continue, Sundays at 10:15am


  1. CGs are free to determine what this will look like, considering location, food, safety, etc.
  2. We ask that you consider how you might shepherd and care for the children in your group. (Ex:  Have a special time of teaching and songs for the children in your group, organize a rotation of a couple members of your group each week who watch and lead activities for the children so others can participate in the service, etc., and make use of lessons provided in “The Field Parents” FB Group)
  3. If you’re not in a group, whether you’re covenant member of TFC, regular attender, new attender, or just found us online, TAKE A STEP INTO COMMUNITY! Text Pastor Chad (859) 492-3710, and he will facilitate you gathering with a group.

Just as He has been over every part of this, remember that the Lord is sovereign and is with us in this next step. We are excited to see Him use this season for building greater, more intimate relationships within our community of faith as we gather in small groups in our homes. We love you, church! And we are excited to take this first step toward regathering!