Sunday Service: 10 am; Sunday School and Sunday Evening Fellowship will resume April 16! Registration is open for Session 2 of Sunday School! Click here to sign up!



At The Field Church, we gather every Sunday morning at 10 am for worship and Wednesday evenings at 6 pm for corporate prayer. We have Sunday school (8:30 am – 9:30) and Sunday evening fellowship (5 pm – 6) on a rotational schedule. The schedule is posted below, but we encourage you to contact us if you need to confirm whether or not Sunday school or Sunday evenings are in session. You can find more information about our services below.

Sunday school and evening rotation

August – mid-November: Sessions 1 & 2*

Mid-November – January: Winter break

February – May: Sessions 3 & 4*

June – July: Summer break

*Sessions are seven weeks each and there is a two-week break between sessions.

Sunday morning service

Join us every Sunday morning to worship our holy God! Service begins promptly at 10am and ends around 11:30. We sing hymns of praise and hear God’s Word preached. We preach God’s Word through expository preaching, going verse-by-verse through whole books of the Bible.

Current series: The Gospel According to Luke

Sunday school

We encourage you and the whole family to join us for Sunday school! Sunday school is an opportunity for you to sit under additional teaching in God’s Word. We offer Sunday school classes for adults (junior-high ages and above), grades 4-6, grades 2 and 3, kindergarten and first grade, four- and five-year olds, and two- and three-year olds. Child care is provided for all children below two years during this time. Our Sunday school sessions rotate in seven-week intervals with breaks during winter and summer (see below).

Sunday school sessions for 2022/23:

Session 1: Completed

Session 2: Completed

Winter Break

Session 3: February 5, 2023-March 12

Session 4: April 16-May 28

Summer Break (May 21-July 30)

Sunday evening fellowship

You’re invited to join us on Sunday evenings for an additional time of fellowship, teaching, equipping, and discipleship. Our Sunday evening fellowship is less formal than Sunday mornings and begins at 5 pm and ends around 6 pm. We gather together to sing the Hymn of the Month and receive teaching, which is followed by a Q&A session and prayer. A potluck dinner immediately follows for some additional time of togetherness.

Current series: Doctrinal Clarity (Theology Proper) with Pastor Sam

The Psalms with Bo Whittemore

We also offer teaching for children on Sunday evening. Sunday evening classes include grades 4-6, grades 2 and 3, kindergarten and first grade, and four- and five-year olds. Childcare is provided for all ages below four years. Sunday evening service follows the same schedule as Sunday school (see above).